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I am not a big fan of the word bucketlist, not sure why, but it is almost like having to tick check boxes before you die, versus just seeing life as one big adventure, maybe I should call this my list of things I will accomplish in the next 5 years, or I guess for this post, it will just have to stay a bucketlist.

1. I want to go to Africa. My parents lived in Africa in the 60s, their stories, pictures and adventures have always captivated my imagination.  Since this will be an adventure that our son will partake, I want him to be old enough to experience it and appreciate it. So, we will wait for a few more years, when we do go, we plan on  helping to build a school.

2. I want to go back to France to take a pastry course. I am a closet baker, I gave it up long ago, but now that I am back in the kitchen, it feels so exciting. I want to learn to make a proper croissant, which I am gathering takes more patience and time than I currently have.

3. I started this Blog with almost no objection in mind, and no direction. My husband told me to just start writing. I was so excited for my first like, my first comment and my first follower that I just kept writing. Now, I am hoping to start a community. Not sure at this point how I do that, but, I want people to see how adventure can be had with kids. Your life does not have to stop due to having children. So, maybe it will be a publication to share family adventures, who knows, I am guessing I need more readers, and contributions. Any suggestions???

4. I want to spend a day with Cirque du Soleil. I used to be a gymnast, in fact, I was lucky enough to train with a couple of Filipino Olympic hopefuls, I was never in their league, and was forced to quit once I grew too many inches, but I love acrobatics, and I love Cirque so much.

Cirque du Soleil

5. I want to spend a day shadowing Bono in Africa. His advocacy fascinates me, and as a political nut, I am fascinated by his view and his stance on African debt. I wonder who the heck reads his mail!

6. For this next one, I feel pretty fortunate to have started. When my husband and I decided to start a business, our first thought was how do we give back. Sounds odd, but since both of us felt we had spent so many hours working for others, and feeling like there was never enough time to volunteer or give back in any way, our first commitment was to find ways to make a business that we could use to help fundraise. We are now on that road – more on that venture as it unfolds!

I have much more on my Bucketlist, but for now, these are what I am striving for.

What is on your bucketlist, and how do you plan on achieving them?

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