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I am going to admit it up front, I am a Pinterest addict! Once you start, you seriously can’t stop. The problem, is it all starts with a picture. I started Pinterest for travel, and I have a blast with various boards such as “places I want to go”, but I eventually strayed, and I got lured into thinking that I am a DIYer (good golly I am not), or that I can paint my nails with funky nail art (which ends up in disaster), or my favorite, baking crazy things. I have decided to start a new category on this blog, the title “Stupid, but good things Pinterest has made me do”:

This is a Chocolate Chip Cookie S’more – this is a chaotic, sticky and hilarious thing you can bake with a 2 year old.

Pretty much any standard Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe will do, but I like to reduce sugar  by half – the marshmallow will be enough sweetness to hurt your teeth.

The oven should be set to 350 degrees.

1. Put a ball of the dough on the cookie sheet, and press down.

2. Take a piece of graham cracker and put it on top, then cut half a marshmallow, put the sticky side down facing the graham cracker.

3. Then take another scoop of cookie dough and put it on top.

Baking time varies on how much cookie dough you use for each cookie.

Mine took 15 minutes:

Keep in mind that it will take a good hour to clean up the mess. Melted marshmallow took over every surface a 2 year old could touch in my house.

Again, Pinterest sucked me into some sort of crazy vortex!

Travel Lady with Baby