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Hi everyone!

I am so excited to have found a massive stash of long-lost photos! These one’s are from our adventure conquering the Samaria Gorge. I posted about the hike itself in Conquering the Samaria Gorge. Unfortunately, our one regret was bringing a small camera!

Very early in the morning at the very top of the Gorge:

Me racing down the stairs, and my husband managing to take a quick photo, nice and blurry, it was already starting to rise to 30 degrees and I was just about to take off my jacket!

My favorite example of what not to wear to hike the Gorge, this woman had jeans on and fancy leather shoes.

This was the one washroom – I avoided it!

You can see that the whole Gorge is just rock, we went in October when there is no water running through it.

This is an incredible hike, well worth it! Just remember,  it is not kid friendly, wear appropriate footwear, and don’t forget Moleskin, sunscreen, food, and water!

Have a great time,

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