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There it was, in black and white, Marissa Mayer is the New CEO of Yahoo. Yesterday, I spent some time reading bits of the news, I usually stick to politics, but this announcement made me excited. Shortly there after, I started to feel angry, and not towards Mayer, but to the hundreds of women who left nasty statements of how horrible a Mother she will be.

Marissa Mayer

If you didn’t read the newsflash, Mayer is pregnant with her first child, and was quoted along the lines that she would be working after the baby is born, and not taking a proper Mat leave. Several websites that only focus on pregnancy and parenting, posed similar questions “What are your thoughts on her decision?” I thought the questions posed were trivial, and have removed them from my feed, it was just propagating negativity. All of the women sharing their opinions focussed on that one statement, and focussed on personally attacking her choices, she is not endangering her child, so I was a little shocked at the vicious comments. No statement of congratulations that she has worked hard on becoming CEO and she is pregnant at the same time. I have scoured major news sources, and none have touched on the subject matter that she will not be taking Mat leave, it simply is not news worthy.

Not so long ago, women didn’t have the right to vote. My great-grandmother and grandmother fought hard for the many choices that my generation of Canadian women have today.  I read over and over again how few CEOs are women, how few are in Politics, how we have to nurture our daughters to take on leadership roles. Women are constantly quoted as saying how supportive the female bond is, I am saddened that I saw non of that in the majority of the comments I read.

I saw venomous, nasty, judgemental comments, all focussing in on how selfish she is, what a horrible Mother she will be, or that they felt sorry for her son. All the comments, were stereotypes, like women are the nurturer, well, I have met lots of women who aren’t and their husbands are. Then there is you can’t bond with a baby unless you are with them 24/7, when did the old notion of “it takes a village to raise a child go?” are you saying that it all falls on just the woman? Have we gone backwards in our thinking?

I for one was impressed that a young, intelligent woman was chosen for the job, and it seems that her pregnancy didn’t even come into the equation, isn’t this a triumph?

As a woman, I can only say right on! Can I judge her on what kind of mother she is going to be, absolutely not. Nor can I judge her choices, I don’t know her, nor do I know anything outside of her C.V.

If we are so blessed with choices, why are we then ripping apart one future Mother’s choice, without even knowing any facts? I haven’t read anything about her husband, or her family, or for that matter, her background, why, because it is simply not news worthy.

Just a daily rant from yours truly,

Travel Lady with Baby