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It has been six months since I started this blog. My only direction in this whole adventure, was to talk about travel, growing up moving around, travelling for business, and taking my son on every adventure possible. I had low expectations, I started for myself.

I had no idea that I would gain followers, or cross paths with brilliant, positive bloggers. Who knew that individuals would take the time and nominate me for awards!

I love seeing all the beautiful photography, learning about crafts, makeup, fashion, or about parenting in other countries, fellow travelers, as well as the volunteering and genuine passion in individuals day-to-day life.  In fact, I thought I would encounter more negative than not. I don’t consider myself a Mommy blogger, being a Mother is only part of me, and my identity is not just that. I am not a prolific writer or even a writer (even though I am writing a book), nor am I a DIYer (even though I am addicted to Pinterest, and bloggers that DIY everything), but I started this journey of happiness and positivity a year ago, and wanted to break out of my shell with this blog.

I love meeting new people, and learning about their life and what they do. In fact, I have always wanted to be an anthropologist, but that will have to wait for 5 years and my 3rd career choice. For the most part, I just want to pass on some positivity in this world.

You won’t see many pictures of me, I am not a big fan, but here is one for the books. Newly pregnant, and snow shoeing up Grouse Mountain.

nor will you ever see a picture of my precious little man, his privacy is his own,  as much as he is beautiful and intelligent, I have learned one thing, he is his own person and I will always respect that, and until he can form his own decisions, his privacy is to be respected.

I will share with you, my other little furry child, who actually poses proudly for the camera, or hides under the bed, depending on the day. My little girl actually sat on my belly the whole time I was pregnant (that is, when I was home), saved me from a dog attack, and lay with me when I was nursing my son. So I guess I will pimp pictures of her, because, how can you not smile, she is pretty cute!

Thank you to all the lovely people out there, who read my babbling, and for all of the lovely comments you leave, and the inspiration you give me each and everyday.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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