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My last post I described our first day in Rome, in Why Nuns Might Have Ruined my Rome Experience. Our adventure continues…After spending a wild amount of time in the Colosseum, and enjoying every minute of it. We walked outside and found a cycling race. When we arrived early that morning, we noticed signs and caution tape, but had no idea what it was for. It is not everyday that a massive Italian cycling tour takes place.

I love this, a group of older tourists trying to figure out where there bus was, and why there were people racing!

We then headed to the area next to the Colosseum, called the Roman Forum. Absolutely breathtaking, and to top it off, I had a whole day that I forgot about my strange run ins with Nuns.

After walking around all day and living off of gelato, we decided to head back to our accommodations. We had to head to the subway and figure out our way back. Then it happened, another massive gaggle of nuns! They were all holding banners, and signs in various languages. Again, we stuffed ourselves in a tin can, but this time, the nuns were clapping and singing, not the Sound of Music, kind of songs, but Tagalog hymns (they were all from the Philippines), and probably the friendliest bunch of ladies you could possibly run into. It turned out, there was a 3 day pilgrimage, and the Pope was making a speech. No wonder everything was shut down, and we couldn’t actually book a hotel!

We got off at our stop and made our way back to the cranky nuns at our accommodation, we headed in, and were quickly got into trouble for bringing wine into our room! Apparently, there was no drinking allowed. So far, no alcohol, a curfew, and a massive cross on the wall, equaled no love for Rome!

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