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A few months ago I wrote a piece on the Pursuit of Happiness. I got a great deal of response on the post, and a couple of e-mails. The e-mails have been sitting for months, I wasn’t sure how to address one in particular, regarding how cruel I was to cut out family members if I felt their impact was negative. I don’t think I am cruel for wanting to be happy and to surround myself and my family with positivity.

Here is another way to look at it. Do you get guilted regularly? Does anyone say “I am worried about you?, hearing those words automatically puts you on the defensive, the person who is saying those words aren’t actually worried about you, it is a self serving question.  Do you watch family members passing judgement on others, but they in turn don’t practice what they preach? Do you find yourself sitting for about an hour on the phone, or in person, and leave a conversation feeling worse than when you came into it? Do you ask for a family members approval and find they question everything? When you discuss your dreams, does anyone put you down for having them? Do you hear complaints about how easy everyone else has it? No matter who does any of this, it is all negative.

Just because you are related by blood, doesn’t mean you owe anything to anybody. You don’t owe time to someone who guilts you into spending that time with them. Nobody should ever put you down for having dreams and aspirations.

One morning, both my husband and I woke up feeling empty. We were surrounded  by things, and experiences, and a beautiful son, but there was something so empty and unsatisfying about it all. We were both running around after our son, working all hours of the day, but not being present anywhere, at anytime. It was as if we couldn’t connect 100% on anything we did, our minds were always feeling guilty. Our lives had gotten negative, and many people around us were impacting us negatively, which just added fuel to the fire.  Being a parent doesn’t fulfill that feeling of purpose, what I am talking about, is doing something bigger than you and your family.

The more we began searching for Happiness, my Father’s words began to ring true “never feel guilty for cutting people out, even if it is your family.” When you begin to self actualize, you stop feeling everyone’s guilt and just carry on with what you want.

As my husband and I build our business, the first thing we wanted to do, is give back. In our families, being an entrepreneur is a bad word, it is seen as just for profit, and selfish. We have had to block that negativity out, and carry on, for if we listened to that, and didn’t take a chance, we wouldn’t be waking up extremely happy. Our first thought has always been to be part of the community. We want to put charity work on our radar and make a difference, so as we grow as a business, so does our charity work. As individuals we can give back, but as a team, we can really make a difference.

We have found our purpose and I cannot wait to write more about it and share what we are doing!

Have you found purpose? Share it, I would love the hear all about it.

Travel Lady with Baby