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It seems that in the strangest places, the smallest towns, we find gems. We like our coffee, and we don’t tend to go out for it. Since we were up at 5am (yes, that is normal for us), and at Carp Market at 8 (yesterday I posted about the actual Market here), I was in desperate need of coffee. The market had nothing, but I noticed everyone had a coffee in their hands.

I glanced across the street and noticed this:

It looked like a fun place to stop, so we ran across the street. This is Alice’s Village Cafe in Carp.

Not only did they have high chairs, and an open space for kids to run around, but there was a proper handicap washroom outfitted with a change table – a bonus, because most coffee shops don’t have this.  Best of all, the coffee was fantastic and so was the service!

Old Bicycles on the wall:

Local artwork for sale on each wall:

I like the look of the bare bulbs hanging down from the ceiling:

If the farmer’s market doesn’t interest you, then the coffee shop is still well worth it!

Travel Lady with Baby

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