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Since we seem to be on the road almost every week lately for work, I have fallen very behind on some tasks that I started, or promised to do.

Our son is not fond of his room – we inherited the decor on the walls, and have yet to start on the scraping and painting. The colour is pretty dark, but has aged very badly.

When was the two toned wall “in” and why oh why was the border super glued to the wall? When you open the door, you realize that the colour was not continued inside, which has become an eyesore, but also a daunting task.

This was the other lovely project that has been sitting on our dinning room for a few weeks (I stacked it on the side), pictures from our family adventures etc. I promised my husband that I would finally (after 10 years) do,  and put on the wall (we don’t even have our wedding picture up anywhere).

Maybe if I don’t sleep for the next 10 days, and work around the clock, I might be able to squeeze these things in around work?

Hope you all have a great week,

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