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I don’t think anyone can deny that the Amalfi Coast is nothing short of spectacular. It is known for its sunny coast line, and beautiful vistas. What I fell in love with was how beautiful it looked on overcast days. The shades of white, gray, and terracotta against the blues of the water made detail of the architecture more vivid and impressive. 

In a week we saw glimpses of blue sky, and very little sun, which made exploration more comfortable, and the views breathtaking. The moments we had the sun, we were stunned into silence at how each and every house had as much exposure to the sun as possible, which made me think of how poorly Canadian cities plan their architecture.

This is Yaletown in Vancouver, the towers actually block the sun from each other. Vancouver is an incredible city, and doesn’t rain as much as people think, but the city was so poorly designed, that when there is sun, the towers block sun from the majority of the city parks, making it gloomier and colder than it really is! Since I lived there with a baby, I knew exactly which parks were sunny at what time, and which were great during a rainy day.

In the 3 and a half years of Vancouver living, I had no tan lines whatsoever. A week in the Amalfi and I saw more sun and had a light tan. Go figure!

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