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I am a book lover, but tend to fall behind in reading, as well as research. So, I have a stack of books that are half read, and a kindle full of books that have yet to read. Thank goodness for Kindles and not needing a bookshelf for hundreds of books!

I love Calligraphy, and have been attempting to teach myself different techniques.

Then there are those trips to Costco where once in a blue moon, I buy a couple of magazines…

The Seventeen Ultimate Guide is for a pre teen in my life, I thought since she is turning 12 she would be the perfect age for this book.

Was really excited to find the Quinoa cookbook. I couldn’t find it anywhere, and then unexpectedly it was sitting in Costco.

So, we are back on the road for the rest of the week, which means, I have to stick to the Kindle, and will not be posting anything until next week.

Wish you all a very good week/weekend!

Travel lady with Baby