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Ottawa used to be the home to the tiniest Ikea possible, you could walk through in 5 minutes, and it never had anything that the catalogue showcased. That is, until last year when the new Ikea opened up shortly before Christmas.

We decided on a rainy day visit (we were in Ottawa for business), to head to Ikea to see what the hype was about. Let me take you on a tour!

Whenever we head out, we like to go as early as possible, in this case opening is 10am, easy parking and no crowds. Plus, Ikea is the only store that is smart enough to have special Hybrid, family and expecting Mom parking close to the entrance – genius!!!

The first place to check out, the food! Ikea is just about the best place to get something to eat for a little person, plus, no one cares if your child is screaming, if you are nursing, making a mess, or running around, it is Ikea!

The eating area is so large, that they have even made a bank of computers to design your kitchen, and have a coffee at the same time.

I wish they sold these trees. they were pretty cool up close.

Like European Ikea’s, they do serve alcoholic beverages. We joked that Ikea should have a patio, and a designated driver for date nights with kids. Or, maybe open up a spa!

This is one thing I have never understood, no other store trying to compete with Ikea has ever considered putting a whole apartment or room together. The way Ikea has systematically come up with cheaper organization alternatives, decorations, ideas for whole rooms, has drawn more and more people to come into the store.

Pick a chair, any chair:

Telling a 2-year-old to follow the arrows is the most hysterical games, these ones are still pristine.

Nothing like little play stations strategically placed to keep little ones occupied.

Heading into the children’s section!

Finally, downstairs and getting a cart before getting to the breakables.

Quick bypass through the kitchen section, way too many things to break.

According to my husband, this store was built with women in mind! He is not a huge fan, mostly because he has to put pieces of furniture together, and I cannot leave any Ikea without a few goodies…But this one, he actually liked.

Since it is child friendly in every way, it is worth a visit.

Travel Lady with Baby

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