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A perfect skirt is hard to find, but when you find it, it transforms you. You walk differently, you stand up straighter, you feel a femininity that a pair of pants cannot do.

So a few weeks ago, I tried on my prized possession, I have struggled to get my body back since giving birth (I have written about my near death experience and how everything changed). Well, it fits perfectly again, I sat down to cry. It is hard to explain how it feels to be able to get back into something so simple, but this skirt is anything but simple.

This is my first Comrags purchase, made with vintage Hawaiian material.

This skirt took about 6 weeks to pay off. It was my first piece of real grown up wear. I was visiting Toronto after my spring semester of University, I walked past the Comrags window, and was intrigued by the store. I had never heard of it, but fell in love the moment I stepped foot in it. I was transformed, I was a shabby second year student, in frayed jeans, flip-flops and a flannel shirt, my hair was awkwardly growing out, and I was greeted like I belonged, it turned out it was one of the owners and designers who was at the store that day. The clean lines, simplicity and an eye for small, fine and beautiful stitching took my breath away. I saw this skirt tucked in the corner,  the fabric, retro, the cut simple and elegant, yet whimsical. I had to have it.  As you can see, the skirt isn’t fabulous on a hanger, but that is the greatest thing about the best pieces, they usually look horrible hanging there, until you put it on. The moment I put it on, I knew it had been cut for my body, my very poor University look, was going to get a full grownup update. I didn’t look at the price tag, which I am glad I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t have committed to it, but I knew it was meant to be. I walked to the cash register and put my first purchase on my student MasterCard, I committed credit card sin, I knew I didn’t have the money, but I was not going to leave without it.

I wore it for 9 years straight, but sadly, tucked it away thinking I would never again fit into it. It has always been a go to piece for going out in the summer. It has been on every major business trip, it fit me in that 5 pound range over eating, or being too nervous to eat. No matter what, this skirt never failed me. I was even offered a ridiculous sum of money in Paris for it.

So after having my son, this was the only piece of clothing I desperately had to fit into, and I finally do.

This material is retro Hawaiian, and was found by Comrags designers, they decided to make one skirt in each size.  Since this is a bold pattern, they stuck with an incredibly simple design in order to show off the beauty of the fabric.

The fabric is so delicate, because it is actually white fabric, with black overlay on top. I believe it is a special painted technique, but after hours of googling, I am still unsure of the technique. I actually nicked it during a business function.

It is nice to have my go to piece at the ready at any point again.

Comrags is an incredible design shop, their story is inspiring, two women who are truly keeping their designs Canadian. If you ever get a chance to visit Toronto, you have to visit their store, or just check out their beautiful pieces on-line


Do you have a favorite go to piece? What about a local designer?

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