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I found a new cafe! I was so excited that I almost forgot to take pictures.

Coffee is a huge part of my morning, I wake up at 5:30, so coffee is a must. We have traveled so much in Europe that coffee has become our little thing, we just love finding cafes all over the place. On our walk through Westboro (which I shared with you here), we noticed a cafe that just opened, and I mean it was only 24 hrs old. We weren’t planning to stop,, but we were drawn in.

The balloons were drooping from the day before

There is a wall full of goodies, which we ogled at for way too long.

We already have one, but I guess another one will be coming home with us.

Look at all of the Biscotti! I don’t think I have every seen half of these flavors, they all looked scrumptious,  and ready to be dipped into a perfect cup of coffee.

Look at all of these delicacies, baked to perfection! This is where the story just warms my heart. Rosa, is the only baker! She has two cafes in Ottawa, and spends all her time baking every last beautiful edible. Crazy huh? There is no website, no tweeting, no Facebook – not sure who would do that anyway.

The place was charming, and  kid friendly!

And this was our breakfast – so incredible!

The Latte – well, it was so perfect that we went back for another the next day.

I love finding these places, nothing beats a good cup of coffee, good friendly service and an ambiance that is kid friendly. Simply Biscotti is on my list of places to keep going to when we have to go to Ottawa.

Have a great weekend,

Travel Lady with Baby