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This was just about the craziest project to do in one day, but it had to be done. I scraped, primed and painted our son’s room in one day. He deserves a big boy room!

There was 25-year-old border stuck to the wall and 2 different shades of green.

I took a hairdryer to it, but the paper was so old that only the top part came off, and I was left with the sticky side very well adhered to the wall. I had to lightly sand it down then soak it, before scraping.

The wallpaper was so old, that it gave off a very toxic smell. But soaking it, did make  all of the paper come off.

The mess that the paper left!

Then came the tricky part, using a primer. I was not impressed, it was so runny, and difficult to roll on.

I then began to paint the room a lovely light aqua colour, which is now a big hit. Our son picked it out, he loves the colour of water and the sky.

Doing this all in one day by myself was a huge challenge, especially since I had a little man who really wanted to come in and help. I think next time I decide a room needs to be painted, I might just hire someone, it was tedious and tiring to say the least.

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