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Gatineau park is one of my favourite places in the Ottawa/Gatineau region. It is a Quebec provincial park and the entrance is only 10 minutes away from Ottawa.

You will find that most of the Quebec population enjoy this park more than the Ottawa region folk. I never crossed into this park when I was a child, in fact, I didn’t start coming here until I was an adult.

My husband and I have spent plenty of weekends hiking, mountain biking, BBQing, camping, and lounging in various parts of this park. This was actually the place we came for my first camping experience, my husband could not believe I had never camped before.  This park is very special to us, so we wanted to go back and spend a day with our son here, it was a success, the little man slept 14 solid hours when we got back.

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To get into this part of the park, it cost us $10 for the day and it is 40 minutes from Ottawa. A steel considering how big it is, and that the park is kept immaculate.

Garbage and recycling are taken seriously, and it should be. There are bears in these parts.

You leave your car in the parking lot, and walk a short ways to the beach.

Then you see this:

We arrived at 9am, we were the first on the beach for an absolutely perfect day. The lifeguards don’t start until 10am, but it didn’t make a difference, these lifeguards were terrible, text messaging and not paying any attention.

There is no food around here, except for a drink machine. So bring a picnic, and lots of water. There are really clean bathrooms and change rooms, as well as picnic tables in the shade.

You can walk along a path and go rent a canoe, or paddle boat – no there aren’t any motor boats on this lake.

There are quite a few camp sites around the lake, which are fabulous for kids. They even have a movie night, as well as full play areas, and bike paths.

I love the look of lifeguard posts!

Have a fantastic day,

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