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After an extremely busy weekend, filled with so much activity, and a massive chunk of time spent in traffic, I am sitting with a massive cup of coffee doing research on several different topics, while my child lies on the floor colouring:

I am really fascinated by photography, after so much travelling and working with a tiny camera, I am now looking for a new SLR, not sure where to start, as a newbie who will never go pro, but would like something that travels well. So my research has begun, and so has my research into photoshop for MAC. I am excited to really chronicle our travels and editing them properly.  It is hilarious that blogging has made me explore something I never thought I would enjoy!

Every time I think of a new camera, I think of new and fun vacations to take as a family. My husband and I have done 2 all-inclusives, not huge fans, it is great for trips that you don’t want to explore and just need to recoup, which was why we went on 2 of them. To me, and this is my opinion alone, it is not really travelling. After a week of all the food, and the people who begin drinking at 9am, I feel claustrophobic and need to get off the resort. Since we like more adventure, along with lots of exercise, all-inclusives have never fit the bill. As my child gets older, going to a place where all the food is taken care of for a week, as well as some awesome activities, looks like a great option, so an all-inclusive is back on the table again. However, I am not a fan of the ones currently being promoted.

So I looked up Club Med! Since Club Med has so many activities and can be found all over the world, it looks like you can incorporate an adventure sandwiching a week at a club med. I have never been to Club Med, no one I know has ever gone to one, so I am curious, have any of you gone? I was surprised that there were so many in countries like Turkey, which is on my must see list!

The last thing on my brain this morning since I painted our son’s room (seen here), I had to think about ordering some furniture.

Land of Nod

I am a little obsessed with 3 Sprouts, the products wash really well and are playful and diverse.

Then there is the bedding, I don’t know about that, but I love our Hudson Bay Blankets, and collect them. They are a piece of Canadiana that every Canadian should be proud of. I love this red!

Scarlet Point Blanket

What is on your mind on a Monday morning?

Travel Lady with Baby