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When we decided to island hop in Greece, we had picked a couple of destinations and at the top of the must do list, the Samaria Gorge. All planning was done by the seat of our pants. Chania is the second largest city of Crete, and where we decided to stay while we Conquered the Samaria Gorge. I have posted about our hike in the Gorge (here, and here)

Chania is a stunning, friendly city. This is where we perused the streets, and rested before our major hike.

As you can see, the architecture has a much more European influence, you don’t have the white washed houses with the dramatic blue roof tops as you do on the smaller islands. Crete has a very different trading history, and therefore has a much different culture.

Chania is well worth a visit, especially if you decide to hike the Gorge. The bus system to get there is remarkably easy, cheap and you would be amazed at how organized and well-timed it is.

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