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O.K I did a rant a while ago in Enough of B@#ch Fest, and then was reminded by the storybook Apothecary yesterday, that I was overdue for another rant.

1. Complaining about every little single political thing, but never bothering to vote. Notice to people who haven’t voted, you can’t complain if you didn’t bother to exercise your democratic right. I don’t care if we have different opinions, if you vote  for a party that only has one member, the point is, vote! If you don’t vote, you can’t complain about decisions that are being made for you.

2. Passing a homeless person and ignoring them. You might be uncomfortable, and think that if they are begging, your best option is to ignore them, but they are people too, make eye contact, be polite and say you don’t have money, don’t ignore them.

3. Pushing to line up to board an airplane. Why? The plane is not going anywhere, and you already have a seat, so what the heck are you pushing to line up for?

4. Complaining about my child burning energy in the boarding area – seriously, you are going to complain about me playing with my child before getting on? You realize that if I burn my child out, he is more likely to be calm on the plane.

5. People who lecture me, instead of actually debating. If you aren’t in front of a classroom, don’t lecture me, I am perfectly capable of forming my own opinions. On that same thread, what the heck are you so insecure about? You aren’t an expert in the topic, stop pretending you are, and a feeling of needing to know everything. I don’t want to know everything, it is belittling and I didn’t pay to hear you lecture me, so shush already.

6. Why do people who have a roof over their head, have a computer to type on, have food on the table, complain about others having more and thinking that life is unfair? I read this a lot, people complaining about others owning a house, owning a car etc. and complaining that they themselves can’t afford it. Just because you are educated, and employed, doesn’t mean you are good with money, doesn’t mean that the world owes you anything, doesn’t mean that the world is unfair because someone else, even a drug dealer, owns a house. Even drug dealers have to be extremely good with money, have to be good business people, and hey, they actually have to pay for their house in full. So, in closing this one-off, why do you feel the need to blame the world, or feel even the government, owes you anything? – I don’t condone or approve of drug dealing, just trying to make a point.

7. Vegans who give me lectures on their diet. Yes, I have family members who do this too. Sorry, I am a meat eater, I have absolutely nothing against vegans, vegetarians etc. But, when you are constantly anemic, and have had a blood transfusion, and have had to do major research into diet, call me, tell me all about how I can get more iron into my diet eating beans.

8.  If you are really into a sport, awesome, go for it. If you want to dress head to toe in cycling gear, yoga gear,  whatever, that is your passion and more power to you. What I cannot stand are the people who dress head to toe in gear that they barely ever use, and justify it to me. I just don’t get it, be authentic, if you aren’t into sports not a big deal, but don’t buy expensive hiking boots and say you hike, when you only walk the dog in them. Or, my favorite, buy running shoes every 6 months because you say that you have to, even though, again, you only wear them around the house. If you buy things because you just like them, or are comfortable in them, great, just admit it and not make up a story, just tell the truth. I don’t care how much you spend or how you spend it, just don’t try to justify something to me, or tell me you need them for reason beyond liking something. Plus, don’t put me down, or analyse my spending habits, if I wanna spend a wild amount of money on something I love (example – travelling), what business is it of yours.

9. If you aren’t a parent and don’t have children, don’t complain, don’t give me advice about nursing, pregnancy etc. you have no idea what it is like to run an errand with a child, to have a sick child, to wake up and have a little human being completely dependent on you. Don’t complain about parents and their coping mechanisms, or thoughts on why a child is running around in a restaurant with no manners, you have no f’n idea what that parent is going through, you do not know that child or parent, and you have absolutely NO RIGHT to give advice or to complain when you don’t know. Unless the child is actually in danger, then step in, but don’t be a backseat parent when you aren’t one yourself.

10. People who use their dogs and their kids as fashion accessories. That one is self-explanatory, I have issues with that.

O.K the ranting session is open, what are yours?

Travel Lady with Baby