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Yesterday I posted a few pictures and asked where it was (here), I don’t think anyone had any idea! Travelling with a baby can be a challenge, in that, sometimes finding a place to spend a day can be difficult. Well, if you are travelling through the Hague, look no further.

Yesterday’s post was of MadurodamIt is just about the best museum you can go to with kids. It is a miniature city, depicting all of Holland in one. The canal houses of Amsterdam, the Alkmaar cheese market and parts of the Delta Works, all replicated in minute detail on a 1:25 scale. All is set in beautiful gardens. If you get there early in the morning, when it first opens, you get about an hour before the tour buses show up. There is a large playground, to stop and have a picnic, as well as so many very cool things to look at, including moving parts with music.

We spent hours here!One of the best places to spend a day when travelling with a child or baby. Our son actually didn’t want to leave, but finally gave into sleep. If you are in the Hague, it is a must see!
Web: www.madurodam.nl

The detail is spectacular, the workmanship is nothing I have ever seen before. There are even parts that are moving!

Travel Lady with Baby