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Hi everyone,

I recently had a request about packing, and how to fold dress clothes for a business trip. I had no idea I would be asked this, but here it goes. For those of you who have never worked at the Gap, or who have never travelled and have to bring dress clothes. I often pack a dress shirt even when we travel with our child, and on a vacation. Here is a simple way to fold a shirt without folding too many times. I hang up my things as soon as I get to my destination. Cotton dress shirts wrinkle easily, cuffs and collars are the most difficult to iron on the go, trust me, after living out of a suitcase for weeks at a time for business, ironing is the last thing you want to do. So, as a woman, I actually never pack a collared shirt, and this folding method leaves cuffs in perfect condition. I will post about a man’s shirt, which is slightly different.

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