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So last night my little fuzzy creature began to pace at 7pm, she was going up and down the stairs, winding around our legs, wouldn’t sit, or lie down. I had taken her out at 5pm, and thought she couldn’t possibly need to go out. So promptly tried to ignore her. We sat down to chat on the couch, and she kept on pacing, then the whining started, we started to hear weird sounds, she was pawing our shoes in the front entrance. I got to the door, her eyes were bulging, I couldn’t get my shoes on fast enough, she pawed my feet to hurry, the whining became more severe. I got her outside, to have her go to the bathroom on the first piece of grass she stepped foot on. She actually sighed in relief, it was the longest pee in history. I then chuckled and tried to go back in, instead she whined and almost jack rabbit to the far end of the property and went to the bathroom again, she was sick, but not what you think. She is not allowed to eat human food, but having a toddler around, means dropped food when your back is turned. She was being polite and warning us, but it was one of those funny moments with her. I kept on thinking, she must be swearing like a truck driver in her head, calling me all sorts of nasty names to move my ass to the door.

Most people who don’t have an animal, or who is not a dog lover, will never get my laugh out loud moments with the little fuzz ball. We trained her, she sleeps in her crate, she is obedient, she gets long walks, and she gets a lot of love blah blah blah. Caesar Milan would be proud.

Her personality absolutely kills me, and I don’t know what to say to half of it. So I decided to do a montage with her talking.

Please, no pictures, I am busy.

Sand, sun and water, I have fab shaggy sun-kissed fur.

This is what happens when you leave me for an hour, I kill my stuffed monkey in retaliation.

First road trip, she was in a seat belt, escaped and decided to surprise me. Come on come on, can’t I sit with you, you know you want cuddles, right?

I just had my lady bits taken out, and you are taking a picture, seriously, you are such a bit of an itch, you are hereby disowned until my next meal.

This is what happens when the sun hasn’t risen, and neither have you, and the little lady has decided to sneak on the bed and take over your pillow.

Don’t mind me, if the baby is allowed on the bed, I am pretty sure I am allowed too. Do I have morning breath?

O.K so someone decided to give an eviction notice and I am not impressed

“Nobody puts baby in the corner”

I feel safe in the box – can he see me?

A toy, for me, thanks, it has been a while (rolling of eyes), since the bald child has arrived, I don’t get many toys.

I think the front seat is more preferable, so when do learn to drive?

I am cold, why did we move? Don’t make me go outside.

Why am I outside, this white stuff sticks and it is rather unpleasant, I am cold, can I go back inside?

This is the only safe place, those toy trucks keep on finding me.

More to come on my dog,

Travel Lady with Baby