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Happy Monday!

Yesterday, as we went on a fun road trip for the day, I realized just how much travelling has enriched not only our lives as adults, but enriched our son’s development. We would not think about having an adventure without him, in fact, I have only been away from him for a night since he was born, and that was to go to a funeral. Travelling and watching the world through his eyes, has given me a completely different perspective in life.

So, I thought I would pass on some great websites that have been entertaining, inspirational, and well, great resources in general!

If you follow my on FB, you will see that I often re post from these websites!

Meet the Benders – A family has packed up and is travelling the world together, read their tips, read about their adventures, so much fun!


First travel magazine created for families! Absolutely brilliant, and a must read!


If you are travelling to Europe, this are great resources for parents. These are hand selected accommodations that are kid friendly!



and of course:


Have fun checking them all out!

Travel Lady with Baby