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A beautiful walk to the beach, in the Hague.

What to bring? Well first off, you might want to refer back to my master list! The standard when packing and travelling with a baby, a couple of sarongs, they are small, thin and dry easily. Travel towels – my favourite invention! I always have snacks, there are actually a couple of fabulous grocery stores on the way to the beach area, you should check out the dairy section, cheeses that are just incredible, and in small travel packages. Don’t forget sunscreen!

Near the end of the board walk, there is a Hema, this store is your friend when travelling in the Netherlands, they have fantastic things for kids, (and the only one stop shopping when travelling with kids and babies in the Netherlands) and at pretty good prices, pick up a pale and a blow up beach ball! It also has a brilliant baby section, including wipes, diapers and various shampoos etc. The only way to equate it, it is the Target of the Netherlands. Hema has the best wine gums and yogurt selection – try the apple yogurt, heaven in a container.

Yes, they have restaurants in International themes all along the board walk! All kid friendly, and you can have a cocktail or two in the afternoon, while they play in an open area. 

Thank goodness we had the stroller, someone got very tired in the late afternoon!

We spent a few days just hanging out here. In the mornings, we managed to grab a coffee, and have a picnic along the beach before things became jammed with chaos.

Happy Beaching,

Travel Lady with Baby