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Hi Everyone,

Apologies for the sporadic posting, I have been working day and night on a few work related projects, and have not had time to download pictures and share adventures at this stage.

I have been updating Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis (way easier on the go!) so if you hit the like button, you can stay entertained. I have also been attempting to figure out a new website, upgrades and well, a new camera along with waiting for my IPhone!

I have received a lot of requests to review new products and interesting touristy businesses, which, frankly, I have been incredibly surprised and honored to receive, but have yet to decide what direction I want to take. I like stumbling onto things and posting about them, because it is just part of me, so who knows what I will do. Any suggestions? More fun things to come!

Hope you all have a great weekend,

Travel Lady with Baby