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I put this together a long time ago and never posted it. Never get discouraged, Vancouver is still a great place to visit with kids. Travelling around can be difficult, but if you are staying downtown, which frankly, is the only place you should be staying if you are visiting (other places are too far and you need a car, this is coming from a person who survived living without one for a year downtown).

Vancouver has a couple of great cheap or free places to burn some energy. As we found, when travelling with a toddler, we tried arranging everything around a couple of hours of just playing, or doing something that we could all enjoy.

1. The roundhouse drop in. If you look on the program of events, everyday except Friday’s and Sunday’s there is a 2 hour window for play time in the gym. It costs $2 and there is even a bouncy castle. Drop in, play, have fun. Then check out the coffee shops around the area!

2. Coal harbour Community Center has a massive gym that is also open everyday for a play time. The gym is cleaner, so are the toys, but not as many kids live in this area, so it isn’t as busy.

3. Along Coal harbour there is a fantastic sea wall, you can sit and watch the sea planes going up and down. Every morning I would take a cup of coffee and watch for about an hour. Our little man would be captivated for that amount of time, which meant I always had a hot cup of coffee.

4. The Vancouver public library, the downtown location is massive and absolutely brilliant for young one’s. You might think I am nuts, but when it is pouring with rain, the library is awesome to hang out in as a last minute backup option. The Children’s section is big, and separated from the rest of the library. There are crayons out, a play area for young one’s, and everyday there are various reading times. Including really fun interactive sing along’s. It is free, kids love it!

5. The Vancouver Aquarium, it is a little pricey, but it is worth it. It is interactive, very family and stroller friendly. It is easy to get to, especially if you are staying downtown, and you just walk through Stanley Park.

6. Granville Island easily a day out! There is a massive children’s area that is indoors as well as a huge outdoor park. There is a really nice market for fresh fruit and fun meats etc. for those of us who lived in Vancouver, not necessarily the place you would shop very often, but really fun to go for an outing.

7. Grouse Mountain – winter or summer, this is a really fun place to go visit. I had posted about it before in the Grouse Grind, and it is well worth the cost going up and down. We preferred going in the summer with an active toddler. It is easily accessible to get to on public transportation. You can bring a picnic as well as buy food up there. The line ups can be long, but go in the middle of the week and in the morning.

8. Take a ride on the Miniature Train in Stanley Park! It is great fun, and all ages love this.

9. Rent a bike and take a tour of the sea wall, you can go through Stanley park and enjoy fun picnic areas.

http://www.bayshorebikerentals.ca/ as well as


We owned our own bikes, and found it fun to take a tour.

10. If you are visiting in the Summer, check out Kits beach. It is a gorgeous stretch, there is plenty of shopping, eating and space to lounge. Get there early, as it does get busy!

Like this? There will be more, I have one for every city we have lived in or visited!

Travel Lady with Baby