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Happy Monday All!

Well, here goes the first of many things to come! Since no one really needs to hear all about me all time – kinda boring. I have scheduled a few new things, as well as have planned out a new website which will come, but won’t disrupt the blog too much, but you can see more updates on Facebook.

Monday’s will be “around the world with baby” – we will be somewhere around the world, featuring guest bloggers (or reblogging) or writers writing their top 10 things to do in various cities around the world. I have already heard from several bloggers and am really excited about this. If you are at all interested please drop me an e-mail at lady@travelladywithbaby.com

Friday’s are now going to be Fashion Friday’s, featuring various outfits on the go. Yup, can be a shot on a bicycle, at a park, in an airport, you name it. Why? well, why not! This will also feature guest posts, so the more, the merrier! You will also see a new feature coming up, including instagram.

Have a wonderful day,

Travel Lady with Baby