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Nature always leaves me surprised, the more I learn, the less I know. A few days ago, while taking the dog out early in the morning, she sniffed one area, and I noticed absolutely beautiful mushrooms. Now, I know absolutely nothing about mushrooms, and growing up, was always told never to touch wild mushrooms – I think there was always a fear of eating the wrong ones.

These were so striking, and I have never seen more perfect ones, or actually, this type in the area. It brought to mind the smurfs and all of the mushrooms they took cover under, or lived in. I had never watched any T.V in English, since we lived in China and Mexico, there were no Sesame Street breaks or references to the Smurfs, until 7, when we moved back to Canada. Every Saturday, my Father and I would get up early in the morning, he would give me a glass of milk and a bowl of cereal, and we would watch the Smurfs together. For an hour, we would watch back to back episodes of the little blue creatures, while everyone else slept. Even when he was on a business trip, which was usually 2 weeks out of the month, I would wake up and watch by myself, soaking up English t.v. and when he returned, I would update him on the episodes he missed.

As I look at these beautiful mushrooms, I remember those early mornings, and those little blue guys and smile. But, back to reality, our dog has a tendency to eat random things, but she immediately backed away from these. I quickly grabbed the camera  and then went in search to identify them. Apparently, these are Amanita muscaria or Fly Agaric, poisonous,  naturally, the more beautiful a fungus, the more poisonous, or is that just me?

We were planning on going out and disposing of them, just in case the little man decided to get interested in it, but nature found its own way, a couple of deer stomped on them.

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