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Do you seem to have broken crayons, in the car, around your house, or in my case, in every purse/bag you travel with? I decided to make new ones, with all of the broken ones!

These don’t look broken, but they are, the paper is just holding them together. These are all washable Crayola.

These are fun ice-cube trays from Ikea, they are about $1.50 each. You can use them for so many things.

Peal the paper, and put them in a pot:

Put them on a very low heat on the stove. About a 3, or if you have a new stove with the heat set, use that. Crayons melt easily, but also can burn, so watch them carefully.  You can mix them up to make new colours, or let them melt and pour them into the mold without mixing.

Once they have melted, pour them into the trays:

Wait until they are fully cooled down before taking them out.

The crayons were a big hit, only took 15 minutes from beginning to end, and are now new travel companions. The clean up was easy too, and can be done travelling!

Have fun recycling!

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