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In 3 days, we drove 21 hours, and everyone survived, well almost. We packed ourselves into a van, but our dog was not impressed, do you remember my post about A Dog’s Life? she stayed awake…staring for 7 hours, glaring, wanting pity.  That would be a harness/seatbelt she has on, it is for her own safety, as well as our own, but that isn’t the reason for the sad look. She had never been in the van, and had no idea where we were going. The night before, she paced, tried sleeping with us, and kept on waking us up with the pacing.

Since she stayed up the whole ride to our destination, you would think she would have slept, but no, she paced, terrified we were going to take off.

The next morning, in the hotel room, she finally passed out, but then freaked out we had to head out again. The circus continued. When we drove home, she snored the whole way home.

We are back, but have to head out again. Our road trips have been insane for work, but incredibly fun. Will post more shortly.

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Travel Lady with Baby