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1. I hate getting photographed, I am my own worst critic, it has gotten so bad over the years that I have a total of 4 pictures of my pregnant self, and about 5 since. Our wedding photographer told me to have a few shots to loosen up, he had never seen a woman so uncomfortable as me!

2. My husband and I started a business together, kinda funny, I love it, and we have the best time together, we share everything, but I can’t stand sharing an office with him, he is a chatty McChatty. So, I created a corner in our room. Still not finished, too busy to finish putting up pictures, and well, get a new desk.

3. I have a ridiculous sense of humour.  I can be very sarcastic.  Not many people see my silly side, as I am conservative on the outside and crazy on the inside. My husband is the exact same, together, we have a blast!

4. Since I look extremely conservative on the outside, the first thing people think is that I am conservative. I don’t care who people sleep with, what you do in your spare time, who you marry, and what your religious views are – unless it is extreme, hurtful, or you are a person abusing your authority. I am the least judgmental person which is why I have all different kinds of friends.

5. We are map lovers in this house! We even have ones with stars on them, marking where we have traveled, only problem, our son decided to pull many of them off.

6. I have a love for blazers- yup, love them. Cannot part with mine, I embrace my preppy side.

7. Yes, I also have a shoe addiction – it has taken years for my Husband to get it, but yup, I have one, and it is a mess at the moment. He has embraced my need to covet a pair, and to discuss the stitching, leather, and height.

8. I have a colour and fashion correction problem. I am not sure why, but my sister and my Mother have always claimed their perfection of colour. I have always hated their taste, in fact, I always want to “fix them”. I am one of those people who will go shopping and pick things out for others quickly, correct their hem length, their jacket length, and their decision on shoes. I think that everyone deserves to look beautiful. Yet, I am always in paralysis about myself. I have never had a problem with leaving the house without makeup, showing up at the grocery store with my sons spit up on me, or racing home to dress up. If you have t.p stuck to your shoe, I will let you know, if you have lipstick on your teeth, I will let you know.

9. I love the ballet, and have had a serious crush on Mikhail Baryshnikov since I was 4. Dance is absolutely fascinating, and those that work in the industry floor me with their talent.

10.  I am an efficiency expert. I always manage 5 things at once, and am always on time. My colleagues found me punctual to a military fault. I cannot stand when people are late – sorry, but it is just rude.