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It started with a scurry. Yup, we came back from a road trip, I was minding my business in the kitchen, on the computer on Wednesday evening. I heard a skitter, but my little schnauzer didn’t move, she is after all too pretty and snobby prefers bacon with a side of turkey, no rodents, so I thought nothing of it. Then the strange scratching sound, and the illusive nibbling sound. I thought, maybe it was my baby making noises in his room, I brushed it off, BIG MISTAKE.

The next morning, we got up, I opened a drawer, and there it was…a drawer full of leavings. There was a lot of swearing under my breath, the milk was poured for my child, and I investigated each drawer and cupboard, I wanted to cry, but instead, I sat and finished my coffee, it was 5:30 and I had to figure out what to do. O.K, it wasn’t as much trying to figure out what to do, rather, I looked at my husband and we had to find the energy to do this right. We finished our coffees, ate some Halloween chocolate, and began to demolish/empty out the entire kitchen.

If you have never grown up with a cottage, or in the country in Ontario or Quebec, you might not understand that mice not only proliferate at a wild rate, but they carry diseases in these parts, so please don’t send me hate mail, because my usual  animal love goes out the window when a rodent is in my house. We both grew up with a cottage, and mine, well, was owned by mice, and I still remember the old school traps that we had to lay around the kitchen, disgusting, horrible, and gives me nightmares, but then again, mice in general give me nightmares. There is a time to be humane, but when the rodent has decided to burrow in your kitchen, somewhere, but you can’t quite figure out where, you become a crazed lunatic that is ready to kill it if you get a chance. You decide to clean every square inch, set a trap or two, and then investigate the whole house.

Mice are not cute when they are in your house, and when they have babies, those babies aren’t cute. So, the 14 hour day of scouring the place from top to bottom, laundry, and endless cycles of the dishwasher to disinfect. Yup, that was me.

How did this happen? Well, silly me, I left the garage door open a little too long. Having never really lived in the country, how was I supposed to know that a mouse   would want to take a house tour and then stay.

What do you wear for such a day, well, just about the ugliest combo ever. Yes, that is me, in my fashion glory, my fashion don’t, but yes I did.

We finished, bagged, unable to move. I am not sure how we managed to do it with an active toddler, but we did.

This morning, the mouse was caught, I did a happy dance, yes, it is dead everyone and again, don’t send me hate mail!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Travel Lady with Baby