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Oh my, what to say to this crazy bandwagon…I joined, mostly because being on the road for work and running after a very active toddler has meant my hands can no longer hold a camera, food, phone, keys, purse, etc keeping up with photos has been impossible.

I know many aren’t actually on instagram (travelladybaby) you can find me on Web.stagram which anyone on a PC can see. All my photos are also on my Facebook – so, if you haven’t liked my page, do so now!

After a heroic few weeks of juggling business, home, toddler full-time, I went into Old Navy and bought this top.

This is what I found this morning after I went to put on a load of laundry, and got out the suitcase to pack – really? This took exactly 60 seconds for my son to create, just for me.

This bag goes everywhere with me – yes, it is a diaper bag, and heck it has exploded from diapers, food, laptop, toys, trucks and GPS. Kinda amazing that it hasn’t broken at all.

Will be off shortly on a ridiculous road trip, did I mention potty training is included

Travel Lady with Baby