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Hello all,

It has been a wild week, a business trip with a toddler! Yup, not very glamorous, crazy, but actually really fun. I decided to sum it up in a few Instagram shots.

Oh great, frost, love seeing this right before heading out on a 7hour road trip…

Piles of clothes to pack!

Got to love suits and baby pull-ups in the same shot!

At the first On-Route along the 401

Massive cup of coffee – I lived on Tim Hortons coffee, and now have to detoxify myself.

Between working, and playing with my son, I sat in our washroom, tweeting, facebooking, catching up on e-mail, praying that the little man would fall asleep, if you followed my Facebook, you would know, I spent a lot of time here. I should note, the internet only worked in the washroom – not that impressed, a little behind in everything.

Got to love this tent! The little man seriously likes hanging out in it. You can read more about it here

The view from our hotel room – kinda cool.

More to come!

Travel Lady with Baby